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Project Description
A simple facebook app to display notifications on the desktop as a fun experiment to learn a little more about the facebook api. It is currently incomplete as it was a little rushed and I ran out of free time but I wanted to get some criticism on it for my 1st web application. It is developed using WPF and C#.


  • Live news feed notifications
  • Live wall feed notifications
  • Update Status
  • Access to news feed,wall feed,inbox through GUI on desktop





Features not yet implemented that I was planning to

  • Login Screen - Currently the login page is sitting in the settings tab and was meant to get moved to a proper screen but just didn't have the time.
  • Ability to comment on feeds
  • Ability to send messages from Messages tab
  • Ability to browse profile pages by clicking on links
  • Like button
  • Proper caching of images - Currently all images are cached to the hard drive but they are not updated dynamically so the cache needs to be cleared manually to get updated pictures.
  • Minimise to tray - Ideally I just wanted the application to run in the background but WPF wasn't the best for minimising to the tray so a 3rd Party open source library was used. The tray icon is there but I never got around to making the window hide and making the menu for the right click event for the tray icon.
  • Settings tab


So as you can see there is still a lot I never got around to that could have been added in but in the future I would like to make a more generic notification application for Windows similiar to how Ubuntu has gwibber. Even though this application is incomplete I plan to use it as a learning curve for my next application but I figured I'd make it open source just as a starting point for myself.

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